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Sydney’s Long List of Reasons to Not Be Super Mad About Everything All the Time:

  1. I got a super, super, super kind response to a really important professor/friend this morning. 
  2. Everyone that I’ve emailed and make reference double-checks has been so heartwarmingly kind and understanding and supportive. I am so proud to have worked with so many incredible people. 
  3. I’ve decided to start working on my graduate school applications. For real. In real life. Actually this time. I’ve put it off and made excuse because I don’t think I’m ready but there really isn’t going to be a “convenient” time to do so. So now it is. And I’m PUMPED.
  4. The weather is finally looking up, and the BF and I have THREE WHOLE DAYS together, starting tomorrow, wherein we are going to bike to ALL THE PLACES (after I buy a bike…), and eat lots of food with our families, and watch a lot of sci fi television together, and just spend a lot of time together. Which is great.
  5. I am going to CANADA with le BF in about a month. Which is so exciting. 
  6. I have the best, most supportive friends in the wholest widest world(est), and they are probably the main reasons I only had one panic attack about this week. 
  7. I really like the X Files, apparently. So that’s something.
  9. My mom has been taking v. good care of me this week, making me ramen and everything. Best mom. Yay mom. Team mom!

I’m particularly broken up about not having a job because I don’t have an excuse to get myself a cup of coffee every morning. I have to start making myself coffee. 

Or drinking the free coffee at the Art Institute. Whatever. I’ll make it work.

University of Iowa Women in Politics Symposium Livestream


The Women in Politics Symposium is taking place today at The University of Iowa. If you are unable to attend in person, never fear, it is being live-streamed so you can watch online! You can also follow #iowawomeninpolitics on Twitter.

Schedule and Livestream for “Women in Politics 2014: Historic and Current Perspectives”

The symposium is presented by the UI Public Policy Center in partnership with the Iowa Women’s Archives.

I’ve got this and some coffee and some job applications and I feel like I can TAKE OVER THE WORLD.